Concrete Experts

Seattle Concrete Repair

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Stitching

Structural Crack Repair

Structural Reinforcing

Epoxy Injection

Leak Stoppage

Chemical Grouting

Concrete Polishing

Acid Staining

Soil Stabilization

High resolution infrared thermography inspection

Ground penetrating radar(down to 30ft)

Concrete penetrating radar(down to 18 inch)

Void Location

Corrosion Analyzer

Concrete Leveling

Concrete Crack Repair and Coatings Specialist
Residential Commercial Industrial.

State General Contractors License.

Damp, wet basements made dry without digging.
Rebar corrosion can be arrested.
Stop concrete spalling.

Concrete Leveling

Using a combination of old techniques and modern materials, we can permanently lift sidewalks and patios back to the level they were meant to sit. Mud jacking only goes so far as inevitably the slurry with erode away just like the dirt before it.

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