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Concrete Crack Repair
Using state of the art carbon fiber countersunk staples, fiberglass rebar, steel all thread, just to name a few, Concrete Experts can repair any type of concrete crack.

Concrete Stitching
Drilling at a 45 degree angle across the crack, alternating from side to side, placing steel all thread with epoxy, cracks are mended together, to keep from moving.

Structural Crack Repair
Very similar to crack repair, but incorporating both concrete stitching and epoxy injection.

Structural Reinforcing
Concrete Experts stabilization systems has developed a carbon fiber/kevlar grid that will halt any further movement of the concrete or CMU block wall.

Epoxy Injection
This is using either low or high pressure pumps to inject epoxy into cracks or voids in concrete.

Leak Stoppage
Using water activated polyurethane chemical grouts, water is permanently stopped.

Chemical Grouting
Using either a hydrophilic or hydrophobic water activated polyurethane chemical grout to stop water intrusion.

Concrete Polishing
Starting with a 50#grit diamond pad and finishing with up to a 3000# pad to achieve the results and beauty of polished concrete.

Acid Staining
Using a permanent penetrating acid stain to achieve an artist molded look of uncompromised beauty.

Soil Stabilization
Injecting a soil stabilization gel into the ground to solidify and fill voids or loose soil.

High resolution infrared thermography inspection
This is used to show moisture and mold damage. It will also show insect colonies from generated heat. Very useful in home inspections to spot damage that is not showing through.

Ground penetrating radar(down to 30ft)
Used to locate voids , old fuel tanks, cables, and other debris buried in the ground.

Concrete penetrating radar(down to 18 inch)
Used to locate steel rebar, PT cables, electrical cables, voids and other anomalies in the concrete.

Void locator
Used to analyze concrete pours, such as foundation wall, concrete floors or any other concrete placement for voids and rock pockets that are not located at the surface.

Corrosion analyzer
Used to measure the degree of corrosion forming on steel rebar.

High resolution ultra close-up photography
Used to take ultra close-up photo's of hairline cracks, that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Concrete Crack Repair and Coatings Specialist
Residential Commercial Industrial.

State General Contractors License.

Damp, wet basements made dry without digging.
Rebar corrosion can be arrested.
Stop concrete spalling.

Concrete Stitching





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