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Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Stitching

Structural Crack Repair

Structural Reinforcing

Epoxy Injection

Leak Stoppage

Chemical Grouting

Concrete Polishing

Acid Staining

Soil Stabilization

High resolution infrared thermography inspection

Ground penetrating radar(down to 30ft)

Concrete penetrating radar(down to 18 inch)

Void Location

Corrosion Analyzer

Concrete Leveling

Underwater Injection and Repair

Ground Penetrating Radar and Infrared Thermography

"Concrete Experts"

State General Contractors License CONCRE*903B5

Phone: 425-776-3332/ Cell: 425-478-4533

Tank cleaner

Potable Water Tank Cleaning

Over years of service, up to three inches or more of sediment will build up, becoming a habitat for bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

Concrete Experts, with over 26 years' experience, provides state of the art inspection, repair, video, and cleaning of concrete and steel potable water storage tanks and towers.

Areas services include all of Washington State.